About Opportunity

Founded in 1994 by Daniel Dantas, Veronica Dantas and Dorio Ferman, Opportunity is one of the first and largest independent asset management companies in Brazil.

For 30 years, we have managed investment with consistent returns, a focus on capital preservation and a long-term vision. We are recognized for our expertise in managing equity funds and multimarket funds, rigorous risk management, discipline, and fidelity to the client’s investment philosophy.

About Opportunity Unique Fund

Opportunity Unique Fund Inc. (the “Fund”) is a Cayman Islands exempted company limited by share. The Fund was originally incorporated in the British Virgin Islands as a BVI Business Company on 12 August 2002 and transferred to the Cayman Islands by way of continuation on 5 September 2022, where it operates as an open-ended investment fund and is regulated under the Cayman Islands Mutual Funds Act*. Its NAV US$ 1,572,331,856.50**.

The Fund seeks long-term capital growth through an actively managed investment portfolio, over which the investment manager has full discretion.

The Fund is not intended for the general public, but exclusively for sophisticated investors who are aware of the risks associated with the trading activities to be undertaken by the Fund, who do not require immediate liquidity from their investments and who are aware that there can be no assurance that the Fund will be profitable or meet its investment objective, hence does not require a regulatory protection. The investment objective of each sub-fund as well as the terms applicable to each are outlined in the links in the table.

Since Inception


Unique Allocation Serie A


Unique Global Hedge Serie A


Unique WM Fixed Income Yield


Unique WM International Equity


Fund Inception Valuation Date Nav Per Share % Jun % 2024 Nav
Unique Allocation Serie A 07/30/2021 06/28/2024 1063.297711 -0.06 4.55 18992997.10
Unique Global Hedge Serie A 04/28/2017 06/28/2024 1605.569529 3.28 10.81 883449310.95
Unique WM Fixed Income Yield 08/31/2022 06/28/2024 1111.392099 0.41 3.15 24831391.78
Unique WM International Equity 12/29/2023 06/28/2024 1073.893985 2.97 7.39 3306714.24

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*A mutual fund licensed or registered by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority does not constitute the Authority's obligation to any investor as to the creditworthiness of the fund, and the Authority shall not be responsible for the correctness of any statement expressed by the Fund.

**As at the Fund's last financial year ended on 30 June 2023.

Data published on this website is for informative purposes only and nothing published on this website should be construed as an offer for shares in the Fund or solicitation for business of any kind in any jurisdiction. The shares of the Fund may be sold only on a private placement basis, through firms qualified as placement agents.